American Express Australia Credit Card Charge and Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) Claim

Per previous post , as Autorental Hertz where refusing to refund me the unauthorized charge they made to my credit card, I lodged a claim with my Credit card provider American Express

This can be done via email : [email protected]

Reply back from American Express

We are writing to update you on the status of your enquiry regarding the transaction from AUTORENT HERTZ

As per the information received from the Merchant, the charge of AUD 2l8.49 is related to extra amount charged for causing delay while dropping the vehicle. The clause is clearly mentioned on page l of supporting documents attached which states that higher rates and extra charges may apply if any change to rental duration or return location.

Enclosed are the terms and conditions.
As American Express only acts as the billing agent for our Merchants, we are unable to provide any further information about the transaction. We request that you contact the Merchant directly to resolve this matter. We
are sorry that we cannot help you on this occasion. As a result, we have closed this  investigation .
We realize that this may not have been the outcome you had hoped for, and appreciate your understanding. If you feel that this issue has not been resolved to your satisfaction you may refer a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (‘FOS’) of which American Express is a member. Contact the Financial Ombudsman  Service on: Financial Ombudsman Service, GPO BOX 3, MELBOURNE V[C 300 l. Tel: L800 367 287 Website:

Few things to point out here

  1. Page l of supporting documents had no monetary amount for this delay
  2. ‘We have closed this investigation’ – They just closed the investigation without my approval or asking for my reply? 

I reopened this case twice with American Express asking for proof of the defendant’s claims, and they came back with the same reply above without providing any more information and also decided to start charging me late fees as in their eyes this was was closed and I was a non payer. They actually called me up and threatened my credit rating during this dispute

Time to do what they ask and Lodge a complaint with the FOS

The process is very simple and you need to collate all the information and communication you have had with the provider and the monitory value

Within 15 days I finally got a response from American Express

We refer to the dispute you have raised with the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) concerning your Card Membership with us.

Following a review of the issues outlined in your complaint, we have taken into consideration all of the circumstances. In the interests of settling this matter, we would like to offer to credit your cancelled American Express Platinum Card Account with a $258.49 credit adjustment.

If you agree to this offer, we ask that you sign and return the attached declaration within 7 days of this letter and in doing so ask that American Express Australia Limited is released from all claims of any nature which you and others have had in relation to this matter. By accepting this offer you hereby find the above resolution proposed by us to be satisfactory action required to finalise and resolve your dispute through FOS reference number XXXXX.

A copy of this response has been forwarded to the FOS for their reference

Looks like the easiest way to Lodge complaints is by emailing [email protected] when not getting any where with their claims department

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