Australia Post Parcel Stuck “It’s coming today”

Please follow the link in the email I’ll arrange shortly, which will request your bank details, for us to arrange a direct deposit. These deposits can take up to 5 business days to land in your account. However, if you have not received your compensation by the 23.1.24, please contact us back via this case, or by calling 13 13 18.


I hope you’re well. Thank you for contacting us regarding the package you sent. I can appreciate how concerned you must be with its whereabouts. My name is XXXX and I can help with more information.

Having a look at your scanning information, the last scan I can see is on the 22.12.2023. I definitely would have expected for this parcel to be delivered by now. However as this is not the case, I’ve monitored the scans and performed a thorough search of our Returned Mail Redistribution Centre (where lost or misaddressed mail goes), but sadly I wasn’t able to locate the 2 black screws you sent. With all avenues exhausted it is with regret we declare this item lost in transit.

With that said, we would now need to look compensating you. Can you please send us through proof of value such as tax invoice/receipt so we can determine the value of the items and plus postage.

We can compensate you to the value of $100 plus postage if extra cover was not taken out at the time of posting the article. More information can be found here-


I hope this information has helped. So sorry this has occurred, I appreciate you must have been hoping for a better outcome and I wish I could’ve provided one to you. Please reach out if you have any further questions.

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