Gas Scam Calls

I just took a call from a dodgy guy, Ralf Stephens with a “sort of” American accent, purporting to be giving us 45 minutes notice that our electricity was to be disconnected for a period. 

If you didn’t know, you actually need a work order for this to happen!

He couldn’t give me any more details but gave me a number to phone – with the request that I keep calling if I can’t get through.

When I asked he told me he was from our supplier AGL – but did not have any more details on his screen.   The number he gave me also had one too many digits.

It sounded dodgy so I rang AGL (who we do not even have an electricity account with ) and they are not planning on disconnecting anything.    I have also reverse looked up the number which appears to be in India.

I am therefore fairly confident that this is a scam and had I rung the number I would have been asked for some details that they could then do damage with.  

Looks like this is a know scam

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