MBNA Europe Bank Ltd Damage to Credit Rating

I have, regrettably, been in dispute with MBNA Europe Bank Ltd since XXXX. This is with regard to a payment of £109.5 which the Bank choose to discharge to the provider XXXXX,after it received my Faxed instructions requesting that payment be suspended due to the circumstances detailed therein.

My file of associated correspondence with your staff is now over three centimetres thick. As we were unable to resolve the matter to our mutual satisfaction, I made it abundantly clear that I would not discharge the disputed sum and closed my account. However I did invite the Bank to issue proceedings to facilitate a Judgement. In the interim as your staff unlawfully harassed me in writing and by telephone for a disputed debt I indicated my rights under the Administration of Justices Act and more so, as early as XXXXXX, I warned that any attempts to demean my credit standing whilst the matter remained a dispute and was unresolved, would result in the appropriate action. I heard no further about MBNA’s intentions

In XXXXXX in an attempt to resolve the matter I issued proceedings against the provider. They offered no defence and accordingly Judgement was entered in my favour on XXXXX. I wrote to XXXXXX at MBNA on XXXX informing her of the outcome; XXXXX replied on XXXX acknowledging that the provider had offered no defence and in requesting a copy of the judgement stated “….we will then consider the outstanding balance on your account as repaid and the matter resolved”

I responded with the copy Judgement and in my letter asked;

I would also appreciate your confirmation that during the protracted history of this matter, no steps were taken to demean my credit rating and no third parties were notified of the dispute”

I have yet to receive a reply.

On XXXX I applied to XXXXXX for facilities of £50,000 as a working capital overdraft for a business I am in the process of purchasing. My application was rejected on JXXXX due to an “adverse credit record”. This came as a major shock to me and I took the initiative of requesting a copy of my credit score from Experian and have today received the report.

In this MBNA Europe has unlawfully registered a “default” of £244 on XXXXX

This is totally unacceptable, simply untrue given the extensive correspondence over the nature of the dispute and MBNA’s option to seek redress in a Court of Law.

MBNA’s unjust and ill timed registration of false information (now eliminated by XXXX letter of XXXXX), has demeaned my credit standing, defamed me in the eyes of XXXXX staff and denied me an opportunity to obtain facilities with them.

I am sure you will be as dismayed at the reckless action of your staff as I am; I would ask you to write to me urgently with your immediate answers to the following;

  1. Your proposals for an apology
  2. MBNA’s immediate action to correct the credit information held by Experian and others (Equifax?)
  3. An explanation as to why MBNA declined to resolve the matter in Court leaving me to settle the issue with the provider direct?
  4. Why a default was registered given the dispute was still live and I had warned of the implications of such action.
  5. A copy of your letter to Barclays Bank in Surbiton correcting the defamation.
  6. MBNA’s proposals for compensation.

Yours faithfully,

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