How to get a full refund from Uber Eats

Recently ordered uber eats , however unfortunately the drive only delivered 1 of the 2 bags , with covid now its contactless drop off so its too late when you see the driver is left to ask for the other bag

I wanted to get the other bag back as the bag left was rice and spring rolls , going through the Uber Eats help site , and without asking what I wanted to do , they refunded me the amount for the items missing, which was no good to me

There was no where in the app to ask for full refund or redelivery. Usually with these things I get lost in the app and speak to my Credit Card company to do a dispute for the amount. My credit card company would not open a dispute , so now I am in a dispute with them about this , which will be another post!

Uber automates everything so there’s no actual way to speak to someone from Uber Eats , however some google actually found there’s a twitter page you can message

You will need to PM them your phone number

However, in parellel I tried again in the app worked around the normal menu and had to lodge a complaint about the “whole order never arrived” instead “items missing”

It then allowed me to add a statement saying I was only refunded half the items and I would like a full refund

It took Uber support 5 mins to action this which is good , and their Twitter support came back fast as well

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