Ebay Case # XXXXX: Buyer contacted Customer Support

An email Subject no eBay seller likes to see in their inbox

It means during a dispute the ebay buyer has actioned his right to ask eBay admin team to make a decision. Now 99% of the time the ebay Admin team will go against the seller, let me take an example

I recently postage an old Laptop I have reconditioned to Russia. I’d sent Laptops abroad before so I didn’t think this was a big deal. Due to the weight and size of old laptops , as well as the batter, these will always ship by land. Shipping by land across countries will usually have no tracking or insurance.

I make this very clear on my listing there is no tracking or insurance its at the buyers risk. When I ship the item I provide proof of posting and the rest is up to the postal company.

An item shipped in December and due to it not arriving in a months time , ebay automatically notified the buyer to raise a refund request. I thought due to Xmas post it was delayed, the case was left open and we had open conversation about the item not being tracked and not insured.

The buyer than submitted a request to escalate this to ebay

The first step when this happens if you would like to dispute this with ebay is to change the below option to :

” No, don’t set it up
(Cancellation will take effect on the next working day) “

eBay refunds and disputes

Set up a pre-approved payment so that eBay can charge your PayPal account for amounts you owe to eBay or your eBay customers under eBay’s terms (for example, refunds to your customers in the event of lost disputes).

If you don’t set this up, eBay won’t charge your PayPal account, but you’ll still be responsible for these refunds and payments. This only applies if you sell on eBay.

This stops ebay being able to refund the buyer through Paypal without your consent.

If you hadn’t had a chance to do this , I would move money out of your paypal account so if it charges a Credit Card you have the ability to do a charge back , however the payment processor not at fault here ( PayPal ) it means you have some leverage.

Once the money has left Paypal , you have preapproved this , so you have no leg to stand on!

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