O2 Would not Cancel PAC number assigned


A friend’s parent was the victim of a scam call to try and release their details and PAC number to switch over their number to a new Sim card. The parent unfortunately got to the point of providing the Scam calling with their PAC number they had received via Txt message then hung up the phone

We notified O2 however they would not cancel the PAC number !

We had to raise a compliant to get this done and receive compensation


Thanks for contacting us to tell us about what has happened. I’m sorry that you’ve had a reason to make a complaint. I’ve tried to call you to discuss your complaint, but have unfortunately been unable to contact you.

As your complaint investigator, I’ve reviewed all the information available to me and I’ve now completed a full investigation of your complaint.

You’re unhappy as you’ve received an outbound call from a third party claiming to be calling on our behalf, during the call the agent knew your account details and advised you’d be able to keep the same package and the same paperwork, however, then persuaded you to obtaining your Port Authorisation Code (PAC), during the call you questioned if the caller was from O2 you’d not need your PAC, at this point they requested for your bank details.

You feel we’ve let you down as this has affected your health and believe we should be protecting your account, therefore, would like for this to be investigated.

I’m sorry to hear you’ve been a victim of fraud, I can see concerns have been raised with our Customer Service Team, in relation to you receiving an outbound call. As part of my investigation, I can see a PAC has been generated, however, this isn’t showing this has been used and I can see your account is still active.

Customer satisfaction is something we take extremely seriously. Any reports of poor service, failed promises and dissatisfaction are handled with the utmost importance and we’ll take the appropriate steps to avoid any further instances. Due to this, I’m upholding your complaint.

As concerns have been raised about your health and personal circumstances, I can confirm we do have a Team in place called Access For You, therefore, if you’d like any more information on this please visit  www.o2.co.uk/accessforall


What happens now?

To acknowledge we’ve let you down and for any inconvenience caused, I’ve applied a one off credit of £25 excluding VAT, this will clear your next bill dated, 4 December 2022.

As part of our Fraud and Security Team process, I’ve cancelled your PAC, however, if you do require a PAC please email me and I’ll be happy to process this for you. I’ve raised a case with our Fraud and Security Team, allowing this to be fully investigated, please allow up to 10 working days for someone to contact you.


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