HSBC Declining chargeback on credit card due to 120 days from the date of the transaction

Recently I had to chargeback a flight cost against Qantas as after two phone calls they had not refunded the amount. The Card was with HSBC and called up with the reason and they filled the charge back

4 days Later I receive below



We refer to your enquiry regarding the disputed transaction(s) on your account XXXXX totaling $595.64

We have completed our investigation, reviewed your dispute and in accordance with the rules of the relevant Cards Scheme, however, in this circumstance; the dispute cannot be resolved in your favor.

As per VISA regulations, we can raise a dispute for any transactions which falls within 120 days from the date of the transaction. Unfortunately, we are out of time to investigate the disputed transaction.

As we cannot pursue this dispute any further on your behalf, it has therefore been cancelled. If you wish to pursue a dispute further we suggest you contact the merchant directly for any further assistance.

Should you feel that HSBC has not adequately addressed your concerns, you may wish to lodge a complaint with our Customer Relations Team on 1300 308 188.

If you have any further queries, please call Card Disputes on 1300 657 248 between 8:30am and 5:00pm Monday – Friday.


Card Operations

Actually HSBC is totally incorrect in refusing my chargeback due to the VISA rule below

VCR Dispute Reason Code 13.1 Time Limit Modifiers

Chargeback time limits associated with VCR 13.1 can change if the merchandise or services were expected to be provided after the transaction processing date. For example, the purchase could be for plane tickets that would be used months after the initial transaction. Which means the dispute may be issued:

120 calendar days from the last date the cardholder expected to receive merchandise or services.

120 calendar days from the date the cardholder was told that the merchandise or services won’t be provided.

The dispute cannot exceed 540 calendar days from the transaction processing date.

I submitted a AFCA complaint against HSBC who confirmed there were incorrect and submitted the charge back. Unfortunately, they decided not to refund the amount back onto my card which is normal practice for a dispute until an outcome has been decided , so I had remove the amount owing on the credit card , and  raise another AFCA complaint against HSBC to close the card as I could not close the card until the outstanding balance had been removed. They finally decided to close the card and get in touch when Qantas gets in touch with them

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