Autotrader – Car with wrong service book


TLDR; Car was purchased and the service book provided from the seller \ dealer ,  was from a car that was written off which means the car’s warranty could not be registered

On XXXXX, following an Auto Trader ad, I purchased a KIA Sportage registration number AAAA AAA from Gold Leaf Motors of XXXXXXXX

The persons we dealt with were ‘Gavin’ and ‘Amis’. The contact number from Auto Trader was XXXXXX. At their address, they also advertise ‘Cash for Cars’ on XXXXX. I do believe they also trade as Elite London Motors and London Road Cars at the same address.

We had run a HPI check on the car prior to visiting the site on June 2nd for an initial viewing. We paid a deposit of £75 that day

The HPI check was clear, save a date query, which was resolved on June 3rd.

On both June 2nd and 3rd, a KIA Service Book was produced which showed service stamps from Kia Bromley and KIA Brentwood. KIA Bromley was shown as the supplying dealer, as new.

The car was advertised as having a ‘full service History’ on the Auto Trader page

I made a visual check of the car’s exterior and interior as well as the engine and confirmed the VIN

We paid for the car by bank transfers £15,995 in total (fifteen thousand nine hundred and ninety five pounds only).

We were then away for two weeks and on our return Monday 20th I attempted to register the KIA remaining warranty.

In doing so, the KIA document required the details of the Original Owner; inspection of the Service Book showed not only was the first registered owner details missing, but the book had been defaced.

I contacted both KIA Bromley and KIA Brentwood to confirm the service details in the book.

To my surprise and then disappointment, both dealers informed me that they had no record at all of the vehicle!

The service book does not relate to AAAA AAA. I had contacted Amis by phone on June 20th and he said he would ‘look into it’ as the car was a part exchange and the Service Book came with the car.

I called Amis on June 22nd having established the car was supplied by Arnold Clark and not KIA Bromley in April 2017.

I regret that both Amis and Gavin have been evasive in further calls.

I have now discovered that the Service Book I was given with the car is in fact for BBBB BBB, a Blue KIA Sportage that was ‘scrapped’ on March 31st 2021!!

I have sent texts to Amis and Gavin, pointing out the Service Book I have is not related to AAAA AAA but a scrapped car BBBB  BBB: I have asked them if they have the correct service book?

The Service Book that was supplied with the car is obviously fraudulent and the car has been misleadingly advertised on Auto Trader as having a ‘full service history’, which is not the case.

In the absence of a either the correct service book, or authentic invoices to support the service record or, failing that, a full refund of the cost of the car, I have today notified both Trading Standards and Action Fraud. In the absence of a swift resolution, I will issue proceedings.


The seller’s eventually agreed to a refund after lodging a claim with Autotrader

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