Samsung Phone Repair – Faulty charging port they want to replace screen

I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S21 Phone under a year ago. In month 10 of owning the device , the phone stopped charging so I had to send it into be repaired under warranty. The process took a good 2 weeks before they started looking at the device so I recommend anyone else looking to do this purchase or have a spare phone to move your backup onto ( as yes the phone needs to be wiped every single time )

Samsung recieved the device , however they said they could not repair the charging port without replacing the screen which had a small crack in the top right had side. The phone was still totally useable except for the charging port issue with the small crack , however they said I would need to pay 350$ for a new screen. I argued with their team about this however they said there was nothing they could do , I said I would take this up in a VCAT settlement for this amount later.

Phone was repaired and I iniciated the VCAT summons when it arrived.

Fast forward 1 year later , and I got a call from Samsung regarding the VCAT I had issued and they would be refunding the 350$

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