How to Cancel a TPG $350 Cancellation Fee

Trying to move the TPG ADSL 2+ Service to a new property, however when they couldn’t provide service at the new address , I was told there would be a $350 Cancellation Fee for a service they couldn’t continue. Legally in my head this didn’t sound right , and luckily there are consumer protection bodies in Australia for ISP’s. A simple email below to [email protected] was acknowledged with a reductions to $60

Hello TPG,

Per my phonecall earlier to your cancellation line which wanted this in written form, my ADSL Details are below, I am relocating to <Address of new premise> where I have been told by TPG that I will need to bear new monthly and installation charges for a Telstra telephone line and be presented with a limited service of speed and bandwidth if I am to move my ADSL 2+ Unlimited Service with you.

I use my service purely for TV Netflix as you would see from the logs, so the service you have suggested above is now useless to me now.

I have been told the terms and conditions here:

However reading through these, I argue it’s ambiguous and the above is admissible to me paying for the $60 cancellation fee for Special Case 2 not Special Case 1 ( $350 )

An active phone line will not be installed at the premise for various reasons in and out of my control so the below applies.

Moving Home Special Case 2:

If you are applying to relocate your ADSL2+ with TPG Home Phone service during the Minimum Contract Term and TPG determines that neither ADSL nor ADSL2+ with TPG Home Phone/ADSL2+ is able to be provisioned at the new address/telephone number, your service will be cancelled and remaining portion of the Minimum Contract Term will be charged up to a maximum of $60.

What is your account number

Customer ID: <account number>

I understand you need this in writing and I need to be given a Complaint Number and Cancellation request before I take this to the Telephone Industry Ombudsman’s. Please could I have the following so I can progress this.

Please respond via email as soon as possible.

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