Apollo Camper Unfair Delayed Cleaning Fee Charge

Recently hired a camper from Apollo Camper ( branded Hippy Camper ) which ran really well for a week. On delivering the vehicle back to the rental company , the Van was checked , found with no problems and the deposit was returned with a printed slip proving this was the case. All ok , or so we thought.

Fast forward 4 hours later, and I receive an email saying that during cleaning of the vehicle , dirt was found under the cushions and table that needed a through clean and they had debited my credit card 150$ plus credit card fee for this privilege!

Where Apollo screwed up here was , returning the deposit and providing me with piece of paper to prove this, null and voided the contract I had with them, which means they could no longer hold onto my credit card details, so the company charging my credit card was fraud. That ontop of one of their personnel checking round the vehicle and giving the thumbs up on return proved he had not done a good enough job to the companies standards.

Rather than going through the your fault , my fault with Apollo , the deposit was deposited on an Amex , so the charge had been added to the Amex. Amex is one of the best Charge Dispute teams, where only a phone call and email of evidence will start a free dispute against the third party. 2 Weeks later Apollo had not even responded to the dispute so the full charge was credited back to me minus any interest they had charged. Hopefully a lesson and solution to anyone else with the same problem with Apollo.

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