How to Recover expired Qantas FF points


Thank you for contacting the Qantas Frequent Flyer Service Centre

We are sorry that your Qantas Points expired because there wasn’t any activity on your account in the previous 18 months. Whilst we make every effort to let our members knowthe status of their Points balance through online Activity Statements and by sending notifications within 60 days of the Qantas Points expiring. we understand that this can sometimes be missed.

We can reinstate your expired Qantas Points if:
You’ve had eligible travel in the last 12 months that has not been credited to your account; or
You’ve had eligible activity other than a fight – such as Qantas hotel stays, car rental, etc, – in the last six months that has not been credited to your

Please note that all activities must be prior to the date your Qantas Points expire.
It you have any such claims, please send us copies of the ticketing information (paper or e-ticket) and boarding passes for flights, the agreement tor car
rentals, or a final itemized invoice for eligible hotel stays at your earliest convenience.

Copies of your documents can be sent by return email to frequent_.flyer@qantas,acom.

However, if there’s no activity missing from your account, in recognition of your loyalty to Qantas Frequent Flyer and as a one off gesture of Goodwill, we
would like to give you the opportunity to earn 100% of your Qantas Points back, and have registered you with our Active Points Program.

The Active Points Program requires you to:
Earn at least 2,500 Qantas Points within six months from the date of this email; and
Earn the 2,500 Qantas Points through at least two different sources

Please visit for ways to earn Qantas Points. Family Transfers and transfers from Qantas Business Rewards do not quality as eligible sources. After earning 2.5O Qantas Points from two sources within the six-month period mentioned above, 100% of your expired Qantas Points will be credited
back to your account within ten business days

Thank you tor your patience and continued loyalty to Qantas.

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