Your google home isn’t set up yet – How to get a replacement Google Home Mini Device (out of Warranty)

I’ve owned a Google home now for a good 4 years, a nice device that I run in another room with amazon Alexa.

Unfortunately over the last couple of months, the device has become unstable, needing reboots and eventually not working at all even after a hardware reset , cannot find the device and when you try and speak to the device I just get “your google home isn’t set up yet”  – I would liken this to Capaictor Plague

I see this as a manufacturing fault , and as Google really gives these away to be able to collect more data from you, I thought I would go through the Google Home Support to see what was available

The process was pretty painless , and I was immediately about to speak to a customer service representative by chat who went through the troubleshooting steps and said even though the device was out of warranty they would extend this for me

Great 🙂

Sorry to hear about the trouble with your Google Home Mini. I’ll ask for a warranty exception approval from our higher team. I’ll need your help getting a few details first before I can check it out. Here’s what I need:

Please provide the following:

    • Purchase receipt:
      A picture or a screenshot of your Google Home device’s sales receipt or invoice showing the purchase date. If you received the device as a gift, please let us know.

    • Additional details for our Couriers:

    1. Name:

    2. Street address including apartment / unit number:

    3. (Note: You cannot use a PO Box)

    4. City:

    5. State or Province:

    6. Zip or Postal code:

    7. Country:

    8. The best phone number to reach you:


I replied that the device was a gift , and then, they wanted to continue troubleshooting the device , which I was OK with , until they tried to ask about the Make and Model and Firmware version of my router and then tried to blame my Wifi!

The initial case just stalled , I tried to follow it up , but nothing

I called up today , and because every time I tried to follow up the old case , I just got ” we will let the existing person know ” , I created a new case , this time chat wait was 20 minute wait so I choose call and went through the troubleshooting steps again

They made me restart the device 10 times and wait 10 seconds between each reboot?

After the steps, this time they tried to blame the cable I was using wasn’t Google standard cable and I have damaged the device , and I only had one mobile phone and they needed multiple for testing , so they could not replace it.

At this point I asked the case to be escalated to a manager, they asked why, and I said I was going to file a complaint with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission regarding the faulty device.

This was passed to a manager and I repeated that the device was not fit for purpose so I would need an internal complaint number to be raised for my claim

The manager suddenly allowed the RMA to take place!





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