Qantas 3 Hour Flight Delay – Compensation

Qantas flight was delay by 3 hours , I missed my pre-purchased Taxi , so I asked for compensation for my uber home

Dear XXXX,
Thank you for taking the time to contact us about your flight to XXXXX.
Please accept my apology, on behalf of Qantas, for the inconvenience caused by the change to your XXXX flight schedule.
While I do understand the impact that our schedule change had on your plans, flight changes are a regular occurrence in all airlines operations. In the event of a significant time change we will always offer to re-book you to the next available flight (or combination of flights) at no additional cost, or we can arrange a refund of your fare, if you no longer wish to travel.
We are unable to meet your request for compensation. What we can do is provide any information that you require to make a claim for your unexpected expenses through your travel insurer. Please advise if you would like me to send you a letter for your insurer.
We nonetheless recognize how much your arrangements depended on the original schedule and are grateful you took the time to provide your feedback. Your comments have been passed to our scheduling management as part of our continuous improvement program and I hope that things go more smoothly for you next time you travel with us.



  1. Lodged a complaint with
  2. Charged back the flight costs on my credit card to raise a dispute

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