Halifax Customer Complaint – Financial Compensation

Helped a friend in the UK on this one, and she agreed the money could go to charity.

She received a call from the fraud team about a credit card transaction, however, the call cut off early so she could not listen to the recorded message to check for the problem charges. When trying to use the credit card the next day it was blocked.

She called back Halifax the following day regarding the block, saying she was called by the fraud number and now couldn’t use her card, but was told by the customer service agent that “The credit card system was down due to maintenance and to try again at 6am , and it was not fraud block”

She tried again the following day multiple times to no avail , she had to call up Halifax again retold the story of the fraud call and they unblocked it this time.

Halifax doesn’t have an online form ( they want to call you after ) so I had to script her what to tell them over the phone

I told her to raise a complaint about her wasted time due to the misinformation and call costs and seek some kind of financial compensation.

She called up and Halifax told her there was still a block on her card ( she responded that she had used it that day ) and they put her through to the fraud team that said it was unblocked – What a way to stoke the fire!

In the end she got 1GBP per Minute on the Phone 45GBP in Total

50GBP for inconvenience caused by misinformation and wasting time

50GBP was donated to Mind for the people struggling during the UK’s Second Lockdown

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