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Dear Sirs,

Rental Contract 

Further to this booking which was made on May 5th  I went to pick up the car at Pisa Airport on July 20th and was appalled to be informed that:

  1. The rental deposit of EUR 1,100 would NOT be refunded ( assuming there was no damage) until one month had lapsed and
  2. A fuel deposit of EUR 126 was mandatory which, in spite of my insistence that I would return the car full, would only be refunded on return, assuming the tank was full.

As I had insured the excess elsewhere I had been prepared to pay a deposit. I was not prepared to wait a month for a repayment!

Neither of these conditions was evident at the time of entering into a Contract with Rental Cars.

The rental Condition in the Contract regarding the deposit of EUR 1,100 is stated as:

“The car hire company will require a deposit amount of 1100,00 € excluding tax at pick-up. The deposit will be returned after the rental, as long as all conditions have been met”

There is absolutely no mention of a month delay on the refund of the deposit.

Due to this uncertainty I was compelled to pay an insurance sum of EUR 99.95 to cover the excess which, as stated, I had previously insured elsewhere. I signed the document “signed under duress”.

I therefore consider the Rental Contract to be misrepresented and I request a refund of the EUR 99.95.As I returned the car fuelled I am awaiting a refund of that deposit of  EUR 126;if this fails to materialise then I would seek that sum from Rental Cars too.

I am extremely disappointed with this sorry saga

Yours faithfully





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Address : Floors 9-12 , Sunlight House , Manchester M3 3JZ

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Claim Particulars

On May 5th 2017 I made a Contract xxx  xxx xxx with to hire a car in Italy from %date% to %date%.The Rental Voucher indicated a deposit of EUR 1100 and the Fuel Policy was- Full to Full-. On attempting to collect the vehicle Rentalcars nominated hirer Goldcar insisted on: 1. A deposit of EUR 126 for fuel which would be refunded on my return with a full tank and 2. The deposit of EUR 1100 which would NOT be refunded in less than ONE MONTH. I explained that I would return the car fueled and that I had purchased excess insurance. Goldcar refused to accept that and insisted I took their Insurance cover at EUR 99.95 (£93.05)as the only alternative to paying the deposit.
As I was not prepared to pay EUR 1100 for at least a month and had no notification of such from Rentalcars I had no choice and conceded signing the document -Signed under dress-I believe the Contract was misrepresented on initiation and Claim EUR99.95 being £93.05.

Claim amounts

Amount Claimed £93.05

Court fee £25.00

Total Amount £118.05


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