Vodafone not releasing from Contract


Vodafone Ltd
Vodafone House
The connection

Brief details of claim

In February 2011 the Claimant, an existing customer of the Defendant, upgraded his mobile phone from a BlackBerry Pearl to a BlackBerry Torch (the Device). The Claimant travels overseas and relies on efficient communication. In February the Device has failed to work correctly in Italy, the Caribbean, Portugal, Gibraltar and Turney. The Claimant has suffered expense. frustration of his business dealings and unnecessary delays. Defendant has admitted that the problem is due to BlackBerry software. The Claimant has understandably lost confidence in device and Blackberry devices generally and had contacted the defendant by telephone, by mail and letter requesting that the device be changed for the non blackberry equivalent, even at a higher monthly cost. The Defendant is obdurate insisting that the Claimant is contracted until October 2012 with the BlackBerry Torch or the Claimant can pay £554.97 to be’released” from the “contract”, (which the claimant has never seen!) The Claimant seeks Termination of the “contract” and the release of his unique mobile number.

Value 555 GBP

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