How to fill a small claims court proceeding to get money back from non paying Business Tenant

Recently a friend who is a landlord had a tenant pick up and leave without pay a few months rent. The landlord had unfortunately misplaced the original signed contract

If the tenant has paid X amount per month for a while and then that amount has not been paid for a few months this adequates proof of a contract.

If the Tenant wanted to leave then he/she would need to prove he/her gave notice to the landlord to end the Contract

Write the person a letter to his registered Office ,this can be found online at the companies house

Explain why he owes you the money

What evidence you have ( the letter acknowledging he owes you is all you need )

Attach that letter and give the person 10 working days to make the payment to your account ( Include details )

Explain you have sought Legal Advice and if he/she fails to pay you , you will take legal action against him

Send this Recorded Delivery to have she/he has signed for it

Once the 10 days is up , submit a small claims court against the company for the amount

Can be done here :

The court will Issue a CCJ  on the defendant which he can choose to pay , pay in installments , rejects or counter

If you he ignores, you can enforce its judgment – this will incur more costs and could even extend to bailiffs visiting you.

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