Bose Chat Replacing QC35 to Q45’s

Thank you for contacting Bose, my name is Pragya and I will be assisting you today. I hope you are doing well.
‎9:51 AM
‎9:51 AM
Apologies for the delay in response! We strive to provide prompt assistance in our chat support, but unfortunately, we encountered an unforeseen delay in addressing your query.
‎9:51 AM
no problem
‎9:52 AM
I am sorry that you are facing power issue and this is not what we want you to face. I am here to help you and will do everything possible to resolve this for you.
‎9:52 AM
Have you tried all the troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue?
‎9:53 AM
yep , I had the same issue with my QC35 2 years ago , I know how to reset the device via plugging the cable in with power , but it just stays on
‎9:54 AM
Thank you for confirming. In this case, I need to check the service options for you. Could you please confirm date of purchase?
‎9:55 AM
Sure it was a warranty replacement for my old Bose QC35
‎9:56 AM
its out of warranty per the website
but my Bose QC35 were out of warranty for the same issue
‎9:57 AM
Thank you for confirming. Please allow me a moment to check the service options for you.
‎9:59 AM
Here is an option for you:

QC35 II to QC45 – Replacement at discounted price of $325.00 including GST.
‎10:06 AM
so when this issue happened to me in 2021 I got a free replacement
for the same issue
it looks like this problem is a manufacturing default
‎10:07 AM
Bose have already replaced my old QC35 for exactly the same issue for free
I can give you the RMA as proof
Now bose want to charge me for a replacement for the same issue?
‎10:08 AM
I certainly understand your concern. However, I am not getting an option to replace your product at no cost. Could you please help me with the RMA number to check and confirm?
‎10:10 AM
Product Replacement Acknowledgement
‎10:11 AM
I have checked the ACCC website and I define this issue as its happened to me before with a same type of headphones as a major issue
So I am entitled to a replacement , which is what Bose did in 2021
‎10:12 AM
If you can’t do anything apart from offering the same as the website , can you please escalate this to someone that can help
‎10:13 AM
Thank you for the details. Please allow me couple of minutes to check this with my supervisor and get back to you with an update.
‎10:13 AM
‎10:13 AM
Thank you for your patience. I had a word with my supervisor and we can go ahead with the below option.

QC35 II to QC45 – Replacement for free of cost.
‎10:16 AM
thank you
‎10:17 AM
You’re most welcome. Also, I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you from my end.
‎10:17 AM
no problem , let me know what you need from me
‎10:18 AM
This is how replacement works.

1. We will process the order for you and will provide you the prepaid shipping label on your email address.

2. Please print and paste the shipping label on a carton box or the original box in which you will send the product as purchased. After that is done, please hand over the package to the nearest Australia post.


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